Logo for Friends of the Midwest Enzyme Chemistry Conference Inc.

The Midwest Enzyme Chemistry Conference (MECC) provides a convenient, inexpensive, and invaluable forum for scientific exchange and collegial interactions among researchers working at the forefront of enzymology and its interface with biomedical and pharmaceutical science. This one-day conference is held annually in the Chicago area.

The sole mission of the Friends of the Midwest Enzyme Chemistry Conference, Inc. (fMECC) is to support the MECC. As a 501(c)(3) corporation, the fMECC is able to accept donations that may be tax-deductible. Donors are acknowledged in the MECC Program and during the conference. Please contact the fMECC treasurer if you wish to support the MECC. Donations are eligible for tax deductions, if you're able to take it. 

We are also able to accept donations of any size by PayPal or a major credit card, using a window opened by clicking on the button below or the shareable link here. Everything you donate using PayPal goes to support the MECC (other than a ~3% convenience fee they charge us). Individual donors are not acknowledged at the conference unless such recognition is requested by the donor. Thanks!!

We also have a LinkedIn page and interest group: